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Our Story



そんな想いから、職人によるクラフトアートとして、Green Artのミニチュア植物が生まれました。


Green Artのミニチュアは、出窓や机、トイレや棚上、ベッドサイドなどのちょっとしたスペースに配置出来ますので、ふとした時に眺めながら、心の中の世界へとダイブして、百人百様の自由旅行を楽しみ、日々の活力になるようなクラフトアートを心掛けております。





"I want a palm tree that can complement the three-dimensional collection of my favorite mini car collection. I want to reproduce the scenery that I draw in my heart as it is, and I want to look at it to my heart's content. I want to have a view of memories I found on the road, so I can always look at it, and deliver it to many people. "
A miniature plant of "Green Art" came out of such thought as craft art by the craftsmen.

Hawaii, Guam, New Caledonia ... The scenery of the southern countries and the scenery with plants invites us to a world of dreams, where time passes away from everyday life.

Because I can locate it in the slight space such as the bedside in a bay window and a desk, a restroom and a shelf, the miniature of ”Green Art” does a dive in spite of being a view to the world in the heart at just time and enjoys the freedom trip of each person and keeps the craft art that it is for daily vitality in mind.

It is handmade and makes "leaf" of the plant of ”GreenArt” with coloring as a Japanese paper by the hand of the craftsman. The texture of the Japanese paper can create the leaves of a soft impression.

I create the leaves of the plant to materials with a Japanese paper made from the fiber of the plant newly again...I think whether you can have you enjoy the feel of a material of the tree more if you can know that a work is spun while having such blessings of nature.

I will push on for the making of work from now on so that money can reproduce the scenery which all of you imagine in a heart even slightly faithfully.

Thank you for reading

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